Open AI in charge of your blog

The new TicoSEO WordPress plugin allows developers to integrate natural language understanding and generation into their blog and websites with minimal setup and maintenance

Download and install for free

With a variety of models and features available, the TicoSEO plugin powered by OpenAI can be used to create multiple articles at once.

Dominate SERP

TicoSEO plugin powered by Open AI will sky rocket your SEO

Brainstorm and select

Enjoy the process with variety of options. Be the one, who review and publish, be the boss

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Generate more leads by targeting the audience you need to cover

One click far from $1M

It so easy you will not believe. Be the first with niche covered, or lose the race


With a help of Open AI you focus on the real SEO

Content Marketing

You are the one, who suggest topics, Open AI is doing hard work


TicoSEO plugin powered by Open AI

  • TicoSEO WordPress Plugin powered by AI directly communicate with API of Open AI.

  • It helps to focus on the SEO of your website instead of content creation

  • It is designed with a bloggers for a bloggers. From now on, you can dominate your niche


Fast three steps fully customisable way how to programmatically create content

Programmatic SEO in WordPress never been easier


Websites Installed


Posts Generated


Happy Customers


Ideas Generated


Programmatic SEO and Open AI is trend

  • Open AI is new Big Thing nad I want to learn about it as much as possible

  • However I am marketer, I know that I need to know "my enemy"

  • I always used my developer skills in marketing and Open AI plugin for WordPress is the best way how to merge all together


Programmatic SEO with 3 clicks

  • WordPress Open AI plugins helps you with ideas, just play with prompt and its settings

  • As all bloggers know, Google loves to see table of contents in your articles. TicoSEO plugin knows it by design

  • It's almost like ask Siri to create a blog for you. Just pick up niche and start creating content with help of AI

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more question, do not hesitate to drop me a message.

Is your plugin FREE?

Actual (first version) is for free, however you will need also to sign up to Open AI, which have pricing on their website.

How many articles I can generate at once?
It depends 🙂 If you have shared hosting, I'd suggest to start with ~3 articles per job and if everything goes ok, you can try more. I tried 50 on my own server.
How do I install a TicoSEO?
  • Add new plugin from your WordPress admin page

  • Activate it

  • Go to the TicoSEO Settings page and enter the API key from your account

What if I have already my own Posts?

TicoSEO uses custom post type, so it will not mess up with your content. When your generated content will be ready, you can change its type to Posts and e.g. update also its category.

Does TicoSEO plugin kill the SEO?
Not even closely. Google is going to adapt the AI technology very soon and we all will have to adapt.

On the other hand, it will be interesting to watch how will SERP change this year.
What if I have feature request?
  • Try to catch me on my twitter

  • Try to drop me message here

  • Watch the plugin in your WordPress since I am about to continue with the development

Still have a question? Don't worry, my customer care team is ready to help you with any questions or problems (my wife)

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You need only one plugin to rule them all - TicoSEO

Install it, try it and then come back to let me know how the plugin helped you. If you run the blog or magazine, you will make more but faster.