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How to use TicoSEO powered by Open AI WordPress plugin?

Say goodbye to manual post creation and hello to bulk post generation with the revolutionary TicoSEO WordPress plugin powered by Open AI that will save you time and effort!

Hey there, blogger friends! Are you finding it harder and harder to keep your blog in tip-top shape? Between SEO, analytics, graphics, and finding time for the creative process, it can be a real struggle. Trust me, I know the feeling. That's why I decided to do something about it and created TicoSEO, a WordPress Plugin that's like having your own personal blogging assistant. It uses Open AI to turn ChatGPT outputs into articles, saving you time and energy.

Want to give it a try? It's easy! Just head to your WordPress admin and select "Add new" from the Plugin menu. Search for "TicoSEO" and activate the plugin. Then, go to Settings and select the Posts (AI) menu item. Enter your API key, and voila! You're ready to roll.

Brainstorming Ideas with TicoSEO WordPress plugin

With TicoSEO, generating ideas is a breeze. Simply enter your task in the Idea prompt text box and make sure to include "write it as list with every topic on the new line" at the end. You can even specify how many results you want. I personally like DaVinci as a model for generating ideas and experimenting with different temperatures.

I can generate 20 ideas at a time without problems, I'm not worried about 50, but it depends on how busy OpenAI is. Even with this in mind, it's ideal to set the value for max_execution_time=600 in your php.ini.

I recommend DaVinci as a model for generating ideas, but it's interesting to compare results between e.g. DaVinci and Curie after five. I definitely recommend experimenting with the temperature as well, 0 is quite strict and dry, but again it doesn't get fancy, on the other hand 1 is very creative. For Ideas, 444 tokens is perfectly fine.

Generating Blog Post Outlines with Open AI

This step is optionally mandatory, considering if in the next phase you want to pass to Open AI already pre-prepared (generated outlines). If you are experimenting and you are satisfied with Ideas (Titles) and the subsequent content creation from them, there is no need to delay with outlines. However, the blogger inside me tells me I'll do it the way I know how - I know.

Outlines can process a virtual shortcode in the text prompt box that references the Idea or Title of the currently processed post. I personally generate Outlines with Curie or DaVinci with a temperature of 0 - 0.5 and max tokens of 444.

Every post that has its outlines keeps them, just click on the detail (content) of the post and you will find the outlines under the main text. I recommend not to generate more than 20 outlines at a time. If you want to push the envelope, I recommend changing the model for Outlines to Curie, it's cheap and relatively fast.

Article generation with Open AI

Like Outlines, the text prompt box for Content can handle dual shortcodes, namely [outlines] and [titles]. It's up to your discretion whether to send outlines for article creation as well. The result is often more accurate, but more expensive.

I recommend only DaVinci for text generation and set the temperature to 0.7 - 1.

Like Outlines, to generate an article you simply select all the posts you want to generate content for and select Generate Content from the bulk actions.

For actual content generation, I recommend a maximum of 5 articles at a time, as DaVinci returns results very slowly. If you still see a message that the server has timed out, just refresh the page and wait again for the generation to complete.

Once you're happy with the generated posts, simply change their type to Posts with bulk edit. The selected Posts AI will move them to your Posts. There you can work with them as you are used to.

So, what are you waiting for? Give TicoSEO a try and see how it can take your blogging game to the next level. Just don't blame me when you have too much free time on your hands!

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